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Practical Russian grammar course

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Our proposition

We propose modern Russian based on real-life situations for concrete goals: business, tourism, conversation, language certification etc.

Online classes with teachers are more advantageous than at a land-based offline school.

Before studying, we test the student’s Russian level to set the best program for his progress.

We have experienced Russian language headteacher with 12 years of professional practice in teaching Russian as a foreign language, including online lessons

We provide students with free lesson materials

Our headteacher is the certified language tutor and teacher of Russian

We create individual lesson planning for each student, considering:

  • his goals;
  • his background;
  • his current level;
  • available time periods for lessons;
  • possible intensity of studying.

With us, you are definitely insured against such cons as:

  • inflated prices;
  • useless extra lessons;
  • visiting uncomfortable classrooms;
  • traveling to other countries;
  • meeting disgusting classmates.

About us

Hello! My name is Lyudmila Zakorchevnaya.

I was born in Perm, where I graduated from the university in 2010 with the qualifications:

  • Teacher of Russian language and literature.
  • English teacher.
  • Specialization in Macedonian studies.

I have accomplished 4 training courses at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. I’ve been working as a teacher and tutor of Russian as a foreign language since 2009. Furthermore, I have obtained a few international certificates in the field of language teaching.

Now I am the headteacher of the Private Russian Class and welcome you to study with us!

Payment services of Private Russian Class


Drop a line about your plans to learn Russian, your current level and you’ll get details about our lessons online.

Our keynotes for those who want to learn Russian on Skype and Zoom fast

You may rely on private tutor at Private Russian Class if you are wondering how to learn and practice Russian online with a convenient and profitable schedule. Especially if he or she has experience in teaching language for beginners as well as more advanced students.

It’s quite complicated to choose the proper online teacher when the web is full of offers for those who want to learn to speak Russian via Skype or Zoom.

Speaking skills

There are lots of tutors who focus on alphabet, grammar and reading skills. But it’s entirely wrong to forget that our native language is permanently developing like any other one. That’s why we try to combine essential grammar constructions with everyday Russian situations. They could happen when people communicate at such places as:

  • work;
  • schools;
  • banks;
  • transport;
  • cafe;
  • shopping;
  • medical centres;
  • online dealings etc.

Educational materials

If you are a newbie in studying Russian as a foreign language, you will need educational materials:

  • pictures;
  • textbooks;
  • handwriting papers;
  • PDF manuals;
  • audio;
  • video and stuff.

As our headteacher is an English teacher as well, our materials include some explanations in English. That could be helpful, especially for beginners. Thus, our individual approach ideally suits for learning Russian for English speakers.

Our methods

Proper language speakers need more conversation practice. Lessons should be built containing 25% of teacher’s talking. His or her opened questions encourage a student to speak, to discuss imaginary or real-life problematic situations.

But if you are interested in Russian for foreigners online you will get a more attentive and patient teacher who’ll help to collect, memorize and combine necessary vocabulary and grammar for further studying Russian.

Pronunciation training

We have met many students whose Russian corresponds to an advanced level both in grammar and vocabulary, but their pronunciation skills haven’t been practiced at all. From the very first lesson, we pay attention to phonetics. That becomes the key advantage of Skype language learning. Even the best Russian language online course, app or YouTube channel for self-studying cannot check pronunciation properly.

Professional learning Russian for English speakers online is an advantageous, cozy and efficient alternative for people who are not able or do not want to attend full-time education. It doesn’t have any demerits comparing to traditional face-to-face classes.

We propose qualified one-to-one online Skype lessons for those who are keen to learn Russian with a native speaker.

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