Online language students at any level arrange Russian Zoom lessons with native speaker tutor on Skype, even being unable to speak or planning to study advanced vocabulary

To be confident about a student’s level, we always provide individual testing of his/her knowledge. Awareness of the particular level gives us the best opportunity to meet client’s goals in learning Russian.

The Common European Framework classifies Russian language students into 3 extensive groups. They are subsequently separated into 6 levels. We can describe those levels depending on the abilities of a learner to read, write, speak and listen.

Levels of Russian language – Private Russian Class

Basic stages of learning Russian

The A1 LEVEL that is named as a beginner (breakthrough) means that student is able to:

  • understand and properly communicate using common everyday phrases that meet the needs of a particular person;
  • tell about his/her name, occupation, profession, family, hobbies without specific details;
  • catch up with an interlocutor’s speaking when he or she doesn’t hurry and is ready to reformulate and explain his/her phrases.

Due to different language learning apps, online manuals and media it’s possible to acquire essential greeting phrases and international or adopted from another language words for very basic survival. But to feel more confident in Russian speaking society and environment you may need professional tutoring to have an opportunity for clarifying some controversial aspects.

Reaching the A2 LEVEL named as an elementary (waystage) demonstrates that a person can:

  • communicate on basic routine and everyday topics with a short description of actions, requests, and impressions;
  • talk in general terms about his/her experience, education, current life situation, and short-term plans;
  • perceive whole clauses and commonly spoken expressions on the most common topics about family, shopping, setting, location, etc.

Many students write in their feedbacks that they find themselves lost and frustrated trying to cover the gap between starting and next levels. That is the point where online self-learning dramatically surrenders private tutoring. Russian is a fusional language so at this level it’s complicated to persevere with further studying.

Communicative independence due to studying Russian

The B1 LEVEL of Russian language is known as intermediate (threshold) and is described by the ability of a learner to:

  • catch up with the basic moments of everyday known situations related to work, studying, spare time, hobbies, etc.;
  • solve with words the majority of problems that are probable while traveling in an area inhabited by Russian native speakers;
  • create primitive but consistent and sequential text about matters that are well known to him/her;
  • depict verbally events, actions, dreams, plans, expressions, ambitions as well as explain reasons for his/her decisions and feelings in a nutshell.

To diversify your lexis baggage it is vital to practice conversational Russian involving new vocabulary. Apart from pronunciation training it is one of the main factors to reach language confidence.

People that obtained the B2 LEVEL named as upper intermediate (vantage) should easily:

  • grip the core ideas of complex articles on a nuanced or abstract theme, including professional discussions in the field of their background and profession;
  • quickly communicate at a glance making a regular interaction with Russian native speakers without extra effort from either side;
  • write or annotate competent and detailed text that relates to a wide range of issues;
  • explain their opinion about the discussed topic expressing the pros and cons of different options.

At these levels, students are extremely close to approve that their knowledge meet academic and/or professional requirements. They become interested in standard assessment what they have achieved. Fortunately, our headteacher has got a few certificates. One of them proves that she can prepare students for TRKI/TORFL as well as she is a certified assessor.

Fluency in the Russian language

Reaching the C1 LEVEL of Russian named as advanced (effective operational proficiency) shows that student is able to:

  • master a full range of long complex sentences and clauses, recognise their hidden meaning;
  • speak the language properly and flexibly communicating in social, academic and professional circles;
  • tell ideas freely and quickly, avoiding a search for appropriate words or phrases;
  • create precise, well-structured, thorough text on complex themes with the usage of organisational templates, connective and cohesive tools.

The C2 LEVEL is known as proficiency (mastery) demonstrates that learner can:

  • understand easily almost all that he reads or hears;
  • digest and remember facts, ideas, expressions from various written and spoken sources, reconstruct properly thesis and reasons for phrases in another logical sequence;
  • express facts, feelings, plans spontaneously and fluently, using exact fine shades of meaning in different situations with various interlocutors and audiences.

As we have been teaching all levels students with the help of different intermediary languages as well as visual resources, regardless the level and client’s mother tongue the price of lessons stays the same. If you have questions, please contact us feeling free to discuss all issues.

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