The tradition of New Year’s resolutions came to Russian-speaking countries relatively recently and has already become quite popular. People need to have some kind of “push” to start a new life or change their lifestyle. Some come up with New Year’s resolutions with serious intentions, some do it for fun, and some simply want to show off. It doesn’t matter what your goals are; it helps to feel more confident anyway. And one more crucial thing is that your goals must be realistic.

New Year's resolution in Russian – Private Russian Class

Let’s make a list of New Year’s resolutions in Russian.

Top 20 New Year’s resolutions from Private Russian Class

Научиться готовитьTo learn to cook
Купить абонемент в фитнес-центрTo buy a gym membership
Больше путешествоватьTo travel more
Найти время на хоббиTo find time for a hobby
Научиться баловать себяTo learn how to indulge yourself
Чаще звонить и навещать родителейTo call and visit your parents more often
Больше следить за здоровьемTo be more careful with your health
Перестать сплетничатьTo stop gossiping
Сдать на водительские праваTo pass your driving test
Проводить больше времени на природеTo spend more time outdoors in the countryside
Стать вежливееTo become more polite
Начать экономить и откладывать деньги To start saving and putting aside money
Меньше сидеть в смартфонеTo spend less time on smartphone
Поменять что-то во внешностиTo change your appearance
Беречь окружающую средуTo take care of environment
Пить меньше алкоголяTo drink less alcohol
Выучить иностранный языкTo learn a foreign language
Научиться не опаздыватьTo learn not to be late
Меньше нервничатьTo get nervous less
Завести домашнего любимцаTo have a pet

You can use those phases after:

Мне хотелось бы… / Я хотел(а) бы…I would like…
Я обязательно буду…I will definitely…
Я буду чаще… I will… more often
У меня есть желание…  I have a wish…
Я желаю…I wish…
Я точно смогу… I will surely be able to…

There are no tests this time because of holidays, but we kindly ask you to think of your New Year’s resolutions. Our team wishes your dreams come true and all the best in the New Year!

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