I studied with Lara for a month and I have to say she is such a lovely and sweet teacher. She is very patient and has a very good teaching technique which makes it easy to learn and study the language. Within a short time of period she was able to teach me a lot. I can definitely recommend to learn Russian with her. Lara makes it fun and easy to learn a difficult language like Russian.

Shiyu, China

Testimonials – Private Russian Class

I studied Russian with Mila at Nova Mova in Kiev in 2018. Here classes were very interesting and always useful outside of class. It really helped boost confidence in your Russian skills. Mila is very funny and helpful. If your chosing to study Russian, please ask Mila for help.

Nikolai, USA

I have studied with Lyudmila since 2019 in Kyiv and have continued my studies online since. If it weren’t for her, this русский ангел, I would have given up.

I have always wanted to learn Russian, and I have been burned by way too many teachers that just don’t have that right touch and skill to have made any sense to me. I can count of 5 times that I restarted my Russian studies in a 20 year period. I took my last chance to study in Kyiv and I haven’t stopped since.

Lyudmila is extremely professional, organised, motivating, patience, and helpful. She is good at answering questions about grammar and culture, no matter how obscure. She occasionally prepares games to help practice and revise the grammar and content we have covered. I always look forward to our lessons. I would highly recommend her teaching services.

Cristina, UK/USA

I have had private and group lessons with Lyudmila a couple of years ago and learnt a lot through her active and sincere teaching methods! I liked her sense of humour and positive approach on topics. Most important was for me her way of adopting to my needs that let me feel both enhancing my Russian phrases and learn at ease! Her way of explaining and simplifying difficult Russian grammar is fascinating and very practically to remember until today…! Thank you for your patience and correcting my constantly spoken mistakes (:

Martin Köhler, Germany

I first started lessons with Lyudmila 3 years ago and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Lyudmila has taught me at C1 level, her lessons have always been fun and interesting. Lyudmila worked hard on my pronunciation to ensure that I am clearer to understand in Russian. Lyudmila is also an interesting person, fun and entertaining. I am truly thankful to Lyudmila efforts in getting my Russian to the level it is.

Phil, London, UK

I have studied with Lyudmila for a couple of years. With her help, I improved my Russian immensely and I’m really grateful for that. Her lessons are really fun and helpful and I really started to like the Russian language. I’m currently working in a Russian based company and I thank Lyudmila everyday for my fluent Russian.

Dan, Israel

Mila is such a wonderful teacher. She taught with a lot of patience. You can tell she loves her job by how she teaches you. I had a crazy schedule at work but she was flexible to accommodate me when I was free. She is organized in her lessons and you get so much from this classes. I highly highly recommend her. You will appreciate it. Thank you Mila

Susan W, Canada

Lyudmila is a great teacher and an even better person. She is patient, friendly and knows her language. She is especially excellent for conversation practice, as she listens, asks question and corrects details or grammar where needed. I wish I had more time to spend with her to really take advantage of her knowledge. If you’re on the fence, just give her a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Nicolas O, Canada

Having tried to learn the complexities of the Russian language with many online and book study methods, I frequently became lost and frustrated. Then in 2016, I had the good fortune of being able to live in and study Russian in Ukraine. My even greater good fortune was to have Mila as my teacher.

Not only was she competent to guide my understanding of the complex rules for Russian grammar, but an understanding of the culture and the history of the language that made actual communication with the people on the street possible.

With her guidance and teaching, not only was I able to advance from novice to an A-2 a European language certification, but able to move freely in the local non-English speaking population… All in 4 months.

Roberto J Marquez, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

I had the pleasure of having Mila as a Russian language teacher for a short period in Kiev. Mila was kind, thoughtful and tailored her lessons to the needs of her students. It was clear from day one that Mila truly wanted her students to succeed, engaging them in conversation from the very beginning to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

Since leaving Kiev, Mila has always been on hand to help me with Russian language whenever I needed. I would thoroughly recommend Mila as a teacher of Russian and I look forward to having her again soon.

Sim, UK

I started taking lessons with Mila while I was studying abroad in Kiev last year and I enjoyed her teaching style so much that I now Skype her 2-3 times a week from the US to continue my studies. Mila knows how to structure lessons so that they build off each other week-to-week, while also gauging the students’ interests and ability level. This makes our lessons interesting and challenging!

My favorite thing about our lessons is that we focus on practical dialogue and building my speaking confidence. I couldn’t be happier with my progress since starting lessons with Mila and I plan to keep taking them! Спасибо, Мила!

Marshall Green, Kansas, USA

I have done an intensive study of the Russian language with Lyudmila as I needed for my work. She prepared the tailor-made program for my needs and that was very creative and efficient. She was able to recognise achievements and constantly monitoring progress and adopt program when needed so. I like support during the self-study as it is essential to learn language, practical tips and hints to use language on day-to-day activities.

Need to say that her lessons were always interactive and she was using different and modern teaching methods. Result of her dedicated and professional work was reflected in my professional environment where my language skills are recognised and appreciated.

Simon, Slovenia

I started taking Russian lessons with Lyudmila when I moved to Kyiv and I enjoyed her teaching style so much that a year later I am still learning Russian with Mila.

Mila is a confident and able teacher, who is friendly and fun to learn Russian with. She has a natural gift for teaching and can explain what appear to be the most complex things in memorable and easy to digest ways. She is incredibly patient, flexible and makes every lesson fun, which makes the process of learning much easier.

Mila tailors her teaching to my needs as a beginner learner of the language. I like the fact that the content of the lessons is structured and has a clear focus and I can see the progression I’m making. Furthermore, I am developing an understanding of the mechanics of the language in a context that allows me to apply what I have learned in ‘real life’ situations.

I am still having lessons with Mila and cannot recommend her teaching highly enough! If you are serious about learning Russian, you cannot go wrong with her as your teacher. She assigns homework, teaches you to write, helps you learn from each mistake. She is a five star teacher!

Michael O Callaghan, Ireland

I had Mila as my teacher in Russian when I lived in Kyiv. I can only add to what has already been written. She is a truly gifted teacher who is able to explain the most complicated issues in an understandable way. She is highly competent and experienced; understood my needs and tailored the lessons to them. Can not recommend her highly enough!

Amra, Sweden

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