Do not believe those who say Russian grammar is the hardest one. The tutor in Private Russian Class will help you to overcome this barrier on Skype or Zoom. Take a trial class in our online school and make sure that fear has big eyes.

Each level of the Russian language requires certain grammar knowledge. Of course, you can ignore some aspects that could seem not very important for everyday conversations or are not relevant for you at the moment. But understandable communication is impossible with zero grammar skills.

You are supposed to learn the basics of all cases, verb conjugation, and verbs of motion while mastering modern Russian grammar. For beginners, we have prepared a practical Russian grammar course. There we have combined the first useful words and phrases for newbies with the easiest grammar aspects.

Russian practical grammar course online with Private Russian Class

Our practical Russian grammar online lessons are focused on enriching your vocabulary as well. In the classes, we only do writing tasks but also oral ones. We talk, play role games, and practice communication. Moreover, by doing Russian grammar exercises, you can’t avoid dealing with the new words. Traditional and communicative approaches complement each other.

Now, let us show you the practical Russian grammar lessons program for each level.

A0 (beginners):

  • Gender of nouns.
  • Number of nouns.
  • Nominative case.
  • Verbs conjugation.
  • Adjectives.


  • All six cases.
  • Noun declination.
  • Adjective declination.
  • Verbs of motion without prefixes.
  • Comparative and superlative degrees (adjectives/adverbs).
  • Verb aspects, etc.



  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers declination.
  • Phraseology and idioms.
  • Stylistics.
  • Verbs of motion (figurative meaning).
  • Slang, etc.

One grammar class (60 minutes) costs $25. But we recommend that you take a pack of lessons for a better price. 5 classes – $100, 10 classes – $180, 15 classes – $240 and 20 classes – $280, only $14 for one hour.

If you are not sure what level you are, do not hesitate and schedule an introductory class. Our practical Russian grammar teacher will test you and help to determine your knowledge by doing grammar exercises online together. Strong grammar skills will definitely facilitate to learn Russian faster and to be fluent.

After completing a grammar block, you are welcome to attend our short-term course. It is the ideal option to enhance your speaking skills knowing grammatical essentials. 

Learn more about our course Russian for kids.

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