Discover all aspects of our online language Skype lessons. We are fond of individual approach that helps to speak, write properly and understand every native speaker clearly

Personal Russian tutor

We choose unique programs depending on the student’s level, needs and time. But a client may count roughly on such learning directions:

Your steps to study with a private tutor online:

  1. Setting the goals to learn Russian on Skype or Zoom
  2. Planning the realistic comfortable schedule and matching it with the tutor
  3. Passing individual testing on the level of Russian language proficiency
  4. Studying from any city, country or continent
  5. Flexible adjustment of the learning plan during the course
  6. Easy rescheduling of the planned lessons

It is very important for a client to understand his real motivation to study Russian using the individual online classes. Some students do it for fun, while others need to speak, read and write for business, professional or educational purposes.

Teacher of Russian as a foreign language

Even the experienced learners and people that are successful in other spheres or even other languages need intelligent advice and backing. The professional language tutor combines the qualities necessary for this. He or she provides lexical and grammar knowledge, conversation practice with native speakers, gives priceless tips on any subtle language nuance.

The possibilities of live lessons via Zoom and Skype are colossal. A competent personal teacher is always near his/her student wherever he/she lives. With him/her, client may learn to read professional, general text and book, get the perfect pronunciation or just train in everyday Russian dialogues.

Private tutoring is the best way to learn Russian online with tangible results starting from the intermediate level or higher!

  • During private lessons, the teacher considers the speed and specificity of the material perception by a particular student.
  • Individual language learning is more effective for adult students who are (surprisingly) shyer about their level of knowledge or may be afraid to make a mistake.
  • It is cheaper than studying at an offline school or language centre.

Self-learning of Russian

Beginners often choose Russian online courses for free without a teacher. It can be great to start learning a language feeling free to close the browser with a blog or special application every second. The great range of modern studying solutions for foreigners allows learning on a sofa, on the run, while driving a car, etc.

Using the catchy app or video lessons that promise to show how to learn Russian in 10 days, a student may reach the fast, but very superficial and quickly weathered out of the head result. Such coursebook and Youtube channels have proved their efficiency only for tourists or other learners who do not care about a long, high-quality level of language proficiency.

Self-learning is a really good way for foreigners to study the basics of Russian language:

  • alphabet or just unique letters;
  • vocabulary and words translation;
  • common phrases;
  • audio samples.

But when learning needs some clarifications on the sentence structure, even having a proper grammar workbook, it occurs tricky for English speakers to become familiar with it. So starting from A2 level self-learning becomes ineffective and useless.

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