There is a big diversity of the verbs of motion (VoM) in Russian. Traditionally, we learn verbs of the motion without prefixes first, and with prefixes after. Today we dedicate our post to VoM without prefixes.

Besides, it’s necessary to divide verbs of motion without prefixes into intransitive (they are black in our table) and transitive (they are white). Intransitive are the verbs which are never followed by the direct object. Basically, we use after them any direction «куда?» where to? Whereas, transitive are followed by both direct object and direction.

Verbs of motion without prefixes in Russian

Let have a look at some explaining examples:

Каждый день я хожу на работу.Every day I go to work.
Каждый день я вожу сына в школу.Every day I lead (take) my son to the school.
Он летит домой из Франции.He is flying back home from France.
Он везёт подарки своей семье.He is carrying gifts for his family.
Туристы плавают на корабле по океану.The tourists are sailing around the ocean.
Корабль возит туристов по океану.The ship is carrying tourists around the ocean.
Мы опаздываем и бежим с продуктами на поезд.We are being late and running for the train.
Мы несём много продуктов, вечером у нас будут гости.We are carrying (in the hands) a lot of food, tonight we are having guests at our place.

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