We propose free 30 minutes demonstrative lesson on Skype, Zoom or other video call services for new clients. After that, you decide yourself whether to continue our work or not.

If you choose to learn Russian language or enhance your skills with us, the standard lesson will be 60 minutes. We offer few payment plans:

Number of lessons by one paymentOne lesson price
1-5 $22
6-12 $20
13+ $18

Payment for individual online course could be provided via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Western Union, bank transfer, TransferGo or Webmoney service. We recommend paying for lessons only after the cooperation arrangement. In that case, it guarantees you the provision of educational service.

Payment methods of Private Russian Class

Special offers for new clients

We have started new short courses for everyone who wants to learn Russian from the beginning or improve already gained skills for only $15 per hour (60 minutes). All programs are communicative with reduced grammar. Of course, it does not mean you won’t have it at all, but there will be only those grammar aspects that help you to understand and be clear talking to native speakers in everyday situations. 

Please, also be aware that after accomplishing one course, for example, A2, you won’t be ready to take the official Russian test TORFL (TRKI) as this short program is aimed to teach you to communicate and not to be lost in the Russian-speaking society.    

It is worth mentioning that the books we use are up-to-date and have audio/video materials. Now let us show you the part of the syllabus of all courses. If you are interested in the full program, drop us a line, and we will send you the detailed one.

A1 (elementary level) within 60 hours/$900 instead of the standard course 100 hours/$1800.

Communicative topics:

  • Let’s get acquainted (greeting, introduction, profession);
  • My day (parts of the day, how to ask when, daily routines);
  • I’m having a meeting today (how to arrange/cancel a meeting, party, class, ask a phone number);
  • My working week (days of the week, talking about plans for the week, how to say someone can/is able to);
  • Shopping (purchases, stores, clothes, shoes, cost);
  • Food (ordering at the restaurant, culinary preferences);
  • My travelling (public transportation, asking about routes, places in the city, my holiday);
  • etc.

A2 (basic level) within 80 hours/$1200 instead of the standard course 180 hours/$3240.

Communicative topics:

  • My family (family members and information about each of them);
  • My home (furniture, interior, home description);
  • Occupation and education (making a career, being successful);
  • Theater and cinema (movie genres, buying tickets and going to the show);
  • In the city (city tours, orientation in the city);
  • etc.  

B1 (intermediate level) within 90 hours/$1350 instead of the standard course 240 hours/$4320.

Communicative topics:

  • Have a nice meal (dealing at the supermarket, café, restaurant, talking about diets);
  • Communication (talking about traits of character, giving advice, expressing your point of view);
  • Internet (online shopping, discussing modern technologies);
  • Mass media (reading and understanding news, persuading other people);
  • etc.

B2 (upper-intermediate level) within 100 hours/$1500 instead of the standard course 280 hours/$5040.

Communicative topics:

  • Demographic situation in the modern world;
  • Tolerance and multicultural aspects in the modern world;
  • Urban life: pros and cons;
  • Education today: reality and prospective;
  • etc.  

C1 (advanced level) within 100 hours/$1500 instead of the standard course 200 hours/$3600.

Communicative topics:

  • Problems of the big city;
  • Person, object, quality, or process description;
  • Discussion about law project;
  • Personal business documents;
  • etc.

The headteacher strongly recommends our future students (except for absolute beginners) take a test on their level before applying for the course. That’s quite important because if your level is not really B1, but you want to take a B2 course, that could be challenging and even frustrating for you to prevail and cover the B2 level properly.

If you choose to have a course, you contact us, and we arrange a free introductory 30 minutes class. After, if everything is ok, you pay for the course. The minimum package payment is $150 for 10 classes. It is not possible to pay for less than 10 hours, and it is non-negotiable.

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