Talking about the weather is believed to be a compulsory topic during any conversation in England. But Russian-speaking people are also happy to speak about it in person and even by Skype or Zoom. Almost everyone has a special app on their phones, as it is relatively important to know the current weather conditions. As you can already guess, today you will know how to be an active speaker about the weather in Russian.

Weather in Russian

First of all, let’s see how to ask, “what’s the weather like today?”. There are two very similar questions. Какая сегодня погода? (formal) and Как сегодня погода? (more casual).

When you answer, you don’t necessarily need to use the word “погода“. For example: 

Сегодня тепло.It’s warm today.
Вчера было жарко.It was hot yesterday.
Завтра будет прохладно.Tomorrow it’s going to be chilly.

In the Russian phrases, we use adverbs: тепло, жарко, холодно. Therefore, no “погода” is needed.

As in Present tense the verb to be “быть” is not used in Russian, we basically have only two words, talking about today’s weather. In Past tense, the verb to be is always “было“. And in Future tense, we use “будет“. You see, the conversational Russian language seems to be very easy.

Here you are some the most used adverbs, related to weather topic:


And nouns:

ЛивеньHeavy rain
ГололёдBlack ice

However, it’s also worth learning some other Russian phrases that could seem structurally weird to foreigners. For example, we say “Rain/Snow goes”.

Сегодня идёт дождь.Today, it is raining.
Сегодня идёт снег.Today, it is snowing.

Yes, we use verb of motionидти” (to go on foot unidirectional). In Present, it is “идёт” and in Past it is “шёл“, as rain and snow are both masculine singular words.

And the last thing is, of course, how to ask How many degrees? Russian-speaking people use Celsius only. Сколько сегодня градусов? Сегодня +5. Plus is “плюс“, minus is “минус“.

So, typical conversation about the weather looks like this:

– Привет! Ты не знаешь, как погода сегодня?
– Привет! Сегодня холодно и очень ветрено. С утра идёт дождь, температура только +3.
– Ничего себе! Но вчера было ещё холоднее, даже шёл снег.
– Да, но уже завтра будет тепло, +18 и солнечно.
– Hey! Do you know what the weather is like today?
– Hey! Today it’s cold and very windy. It’s raining since the morning; the temperature is +3.
– OMG! But, yesterday it was colder, even snowing.
– Yeah, but already tomorrow it’s going to be warm, +18 and sunny.

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