What materials will we use to learn Russian language during online lessons? As a native speaker, the head teacher gives qualitative Skype, Zoom lessons to speak fast and correct

Russian language textbooks

The Russian language is relatively popular among foreigners who want to use it for various goals: tourism, business, reading classical books or even understanding and communicating with their kids for whom it could be the native language.

During the last 12 years of professional practice the headteacher has been collecting different Russian books to find more or less useful, convenient, modern student’s book and workbook.

  • Екатерина Гуськова. «По-русски — легко!». Москва — 2018.
  • Шустикова и Кулакова. «Русский язык — мой друг. Базовый уровень». Москва — 2011.
  • Долматова О., Новакас Е. «Точка Ру». Москва — 2018.
  • Ольхова О.Н. «Обновлённая Россия». Санкт-Петербург — 2007.
  • Бабалова Л.Л., Кокорина С.И. «Практикум по русской грамматике». Москва — 2011.
  • Балыхина Т.М., Ельникова С.И. «Уроки дружбы». Москва — 2011.
  • Вербецкая Е.В., Купцова Л.Г. «Русский Язык. 1-й класс. Устный курс». Киев — 2018.
  • Закорчевная Л.Р. «Игровое пособие для начинающих». Москва — 2019.
  • etc.

We must admit there is not an ideal one and that is natural because some authors would like to focus on pure grammar and text building, whereas others give us up-to-date Russian dialogues without minimal grammar training.

To recap, we dare to say that the best book for learning Russian doesn’t exist, as well as media source. The decision is combining different manuals, handbooks, and other studying resources even for beginners.

Getting started learning Russian with tutor

Talking about newbies, it should be noted that in a good book there must be a short introductory Russian language course with essential phonetic rules which help us to correct and then enhance your accent.

It is a typical mistake to think of how to learn Russian alphabet. No, first we introduce the sounds and pronunciation to students, then we learn how to read. And, frankly speaking, you don’t need to know the alphabet perfectly, but only to recognize the letter and its correspondence to the concrete sound.

Another commentary on the Russian language textbook for beginners is that it has to be visual. We saw lots of books where there were few pictures or even none, although vocabulary was quite massive. Using pictures as a dictionary makes studying fast, and students learn Russian words better.

Materials for studying Russian grammar online

Starting teaching student we always warn her/him that successful learning is impossible without dealing with grammar. But I’ll say that again that grammar should not be pure, we combine it with the vocabulary we have learnt, reading texts on interesting everyday topics, listening to useful audio. Such seamless suits the best for learning Russian for English speakers whose mother tongue has different grammar system.

But we have good news as well. To be an independent language user, you may not be a professional in advanced Russian grammar. All necessary material we meet by the end of Russian textbook intermediate.

As we have said before we have a big library of different academic books, including electronic ones in PDF format, and we know and use various online recourses to diversify our classes. We recommend students at any level to watch useful YouTube videos on topics related to our lessons, to listen to the appropriate podcast on relevant events, to install an efficient app to learn to speak and understand language in conversation and media better.

After starting our classes, we share our resources with students without additional payment. All books and media are included into standard prices. Are you interested? Write to arrange demo and full lessons.

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