Learn at Private Russian Class how to pass Russian language exam via Zoom or Skype with individual online lessons of certified teacher and native speaker who is an expert tutor and professional examiner in such tests.

It is becoming more and more popular these days to certify your language knowledge officially. The procedure of preparation for the Russian language test, which has an official name Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL or TRKI) is similar to other assessment examinations, e.g., English, German, French, and so on. It consists of:

1. What level you desire to prove.

2. Finding out what your current level is now.

3. Making sure what your strong and weak points are.

4. Meeting a teacher who knows the structure of the exam and its requirements, has a proper certification for preparation, and of course, has a certain experience.

5. Choosing an accredited school, where you take an exam, and if it is successful, you get your Russian European language certificate.

The academic Russian test preparation courses

Traditionally, learning any language, you cover its levels step by step: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. On each of them, a student has to learn, practice, improve several skills. They are:

  1. Grammar.
  2. Vocabulary.
  3. Reading.
  4. Listening.
  5. Writing.

Russian as a foreign language test has exactly these parts. It means during lessons, you with your tutor spread more or less the equal amount of time for developing all of those skills. Therefore, if you are willing to take TORFL/TRKI, you should attend special classes because General or Russian for survival are likely not to help you a lot. 

For example, your proficiency in speaking is very high, almost B2, but your writing is barely A2, and that’s why passing the B1 test is impossible. We will explain why. Each part is assessed separately, and the required minimum is 65%. Even if one part is less than 65% and the rest are near 90%, you fail.

Goals of online preparation for the Russian language exam

There are various reasons why people do need an official Russian language knowledge certificate for:

  1. Getting a work permit. 
  2. Residency.
  3. Citizenship.
  4. College credit.
  5. Self-satisfaction. 

TORFL/TRKI is not the only exam. In some countries, at high school, students learn Russian to have their grade on NEWL Russian exam (the USA), General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) (the UK), or TELC (some countries in Europe).

The best way to get prepared for the examination is taking an individual course with a strict, precise program and structure. It is exciting that even if you are based in a city or country where there isn’t any Russian school, you can have qualitative online classes via Zoom or Skype. It could be also that you live in Germany, France, Spain or Italy, your teacher is in another place, and a language center is in Russia. The individual online course is then the best decision.

Please don’t hesitate to read our blog, check testimonials of happy students, and get in touch with prices for educational service. If you want to prepare to the exam with a top teacher, contact us to book a free trial lesson!

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