Probably Business Russian is one of the most suitable ones among individual courses at Private Russian Class. What distinguishes these online Zoom and Skype lessons from other programs for foreigners?

Due to the constant development and expansion of the international working affairs, you may feel that knowing only English is not enough. General and Commercial Russian are not total synonyms.

What does it mean? For example, you are aware of the language basics, or in the classes you learn to speak not to get lost in the restaurant, food court, etc., but these are all useless for communicating with the Russian-speaking potential partners.

Business Russian book
Business Russian book

You might feel helpless, what is even worse, if you are supposed not to understand conversations during the debates, which can cause a sort of slight scam.

The key course catches:

1. Combination of basic grammar and business vocabulary.

2. Useful negotiations and management idioms.

3. Necessary entrepreneurial statements.

4. Real-life dialogues and discussions.

5. Cultural background of modern commercial reality in Russia.

Business Russian is not for beginners

What is the best decision for learning Russian for English speakers? The good news that the grammar is the same for General and Business courses, which is not surprising. It means if you know essentials, you don’t need to take additional grammar lessons. The key point is lexis. To be comfortable during the negotiations with partners you must learn vocabulary, especially economics, commerce or trading.

After collecting a good range of business words, we will try to combine them into phrases and sentences. Then we will have our first steps on how to learn conversation and how to speak Russian in the business sphere.

Tutor’s tricks for Business Russian course

In our classes, we always provide the illusion of real everyday situations. It’s not a myth that the behavior, manners of any targeting language differs from our mother tongues. Therefore, it’s necessary to introduce a student not only to language itself, but also to the national business culture.

It means, your certified teacher must be either a great entrepreneur with excellent knowledge of the subject or simply a professional Russian tutor.

Our favorite lesson activity is playing different language learning games. That’s an ideal variant to make a student get involved into a real situation. Students focus on speaking, using the vocabulary they learn before, listening, trying to understand, what his/her partner asking. It seems easy – question and answer.

P.S. If you are an absolute beginner from the point of level, it’s useless, even wrong to start with a specific course. No book contains basic. First, you have to learn alphabet (words, phrases, letters), take lessons for beginners, have reading and pronunciation practice, then turn to more specific classes.    

Check out testimonials of students to read their impressions about classes. And don’t forget that prices for Business Russian stays the same as General, including preliminary testing. Contact for details!

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