TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is a professional test for teachers and tutors that indicates a level of their competence development. It is the best proof of a professor’s abilities according to globally recognized standards.

There are many types of TKT that are distinguished in concrete spheres of foreign language teaching. The completion of one of such modular tests is denoted by the certificate award of the Cambridge Assessment network. This document is termless.

Simply put, TKT shows that tutor:

  • is aware of various modes and approaches in teaching;
  • efficiently use printed and media resources;
  • implement essential base of class structuring;
  • is able to choose different approaches of teaching management for particular cases and goals;
  • recognized globally as a certified specialist in foreign language teaching, e.g. Russian.
Teaching Knowledge Test Certificate
Teaching Knowledge Test Certificate

Our headteacher has successfully passed that test with the grade “Band 3”. It means she demonstrates precise and comprehensive fluency in:

  • language systems;
  • learning and teaching;
  • terminology, concepts, practices in globally established principles of foreign languages teaching;
  • usage of wide range of methods, activities, exercises, games for best progress of a student;
  • performing in familiar as well as unfamiliar situations during lessons.

That might be confirmed by numerous students.

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