The certificate corroborates that the headteacher of Private Russian Class has successfully finished the advanced coaching programme “Teaching Russian as a foreign language at elementary level”.

Teaching Russian as a foreign language at the elementary level

That course focused on how to implement the communicative approach with very beginners in Russian. It is important to start teaching students all aspects together from the first class: phonetics (pronunciation), lexis (vocabulary), grammar, writing and the main thing speaking.

During the training, the leading professors-linguists of the State Pushkin Institute of Russian show various types of exercises, especially for newbies, to develop their language competence online. Also, Lyudmila has known the freshest books, manuals, apps for learning and teaching Russian. So, the course was 80% useful for practical goals and not abstract theory, as it often happens.

The programme was really useful not only for teachers who are used to working with students at the intermediate or advanced levels but also for those who wanted to refresh the necessary rules of proper modern language teaching online. By the way, some participants were teachers of other languages, but nevertheless, they found that course quite helpful.

Despite attending the training before covid times, Lyudmila has already adjusted all gained knowledge for Russian online lessons to make comfortable, qualitative and interesting Russian classes on Skype and Zoom.

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