General provisions

1. Private Russian Class ( hereinafter known as “Website” has been created for the promotion of online private tutoring via Skype, Zoom or other video call services.

2. Texts, language tests, blog, unique images, shared learning materials, reference information on the Website are the intellectual property of Lyudmila Zakorchevnaya hereinafter known as “Headteacher”.

3. The administrator of the Website can change the information on the website and its layout without preliminary notice.

4. Users of the Website, hereinafter known as “Visitors” or “Visitor” using the Website agree with these Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions of the The Visitors also commit to following the laws of their host country.

5. The Website and its content do not violate international law including literary property, principles of moral and tolerance. The Website and the Headteacher respect the protection of personal data, fundamental rights of individuals and public freedom.

6. The Website and its administrator do not send advertising on any contacts shared with it by the Visitors.

7. Visiting the Website and using its content is the sole responsibility of the Visitor. The Website, its administrator and the Headteacher are not responsible for any consequence or damage that may be caused by visiting the site or using its information.

Privacy policy

1. The Website, Headteacher and the teachers do not share any information about the Visitors, their studying process, etc. except cases of law enforcement authorities occurring in the manner prescribed by law.

2. The Website may use cookies for contact forms and receiving testimonials. The Website protects any personal data that may be shared while such kind of action.

3. Sending a testimonial to the Website, the Visitor automatically agrees that his/her name and indicated by him/her the place of residence or origin will be shown on the corresponding page. The Website will not show any other personal data.

4. The Visitors may contact the Website administrator or the Headteacher to tell about their concerns or questions regarding the privacy policy.

Liability for online classes

1. Signing up for free demo lesson, the Visitor agrees to share some information about him with Website. This includes (but is not definitely limited to) full name, e-mail, and IP-address.

2. Visitor can contact the Headteacher, teachers, or administrator of the Website by any proposed ways, but the Visitor has to arrange online classes only by e-mail or message sent through the Website contact form. Any deals through messengers like Skype, Viber, Facebook, etc. should be considered as preliminary.

3. Online lessons may require the use of some third-party services including but not limited to Skype, Viber, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Online Test Pad, etc. The Website, its administrator, Headteacher, and teachers are not responsible for updating and/or maintenance of any such systems used. The Visitor should read third-party terms and conditions carefully. The Visitor has to understand and agree that the Website is not responsible for the content and services provided by third parties.

4. Payments for classes cannot be refunded.

5. Planned and paid lessons could be rescheduled.

  • 5.1. Rescheduled classes could be provided in case of cancellation not later than 8 hours before the scheduled time of lesson beginning.
  • 5.2. Any rescheduling made less than 8 hours before the lesson beginning is payable unless the rescheduling is done by mutual agreement with the teacher.
  • 5.3. Free rescheduling has to be required by e-mail or Website contact form and optionally doubled by messages to earlier used messengers.
  • 5.4. A visitor can reschedule any quantity of paid lessons for an unlimited period of time.
  • 5.5. Free rescheduled classes are conducted if teacher cancels them due to some emergencies.

6. A teacher would wait for the Visitor of the Website that offered demo or paid lessons, hereinafter known as “Student”, for 15 minutes from the lesson beginning. If, after 15 minutes, the Student does not join the lesson, it implies that the lesson has been taken and no further rescheduling could be provided.

7. A teacher may reschedule classes due to emergencies. The Student will be informed about the rescheduling as soon as possible. The Student will receive notification about the cancellation of the planned time of lessons and further information about future lessons by e-mail and all other ways that are known to the teacher and the Website.

8. The duration of free demo lesson is set to 30 minutes.

9. One physical person can use free demo lesson only once.

10. The duration of a standard lesson is set to 60 minutes without breaks unless otherwise stated.

11. Lessons could include testing of abilities of the Student for his Russian level assessment, pronunciation training, grammar or conversation practice, etc. by the agreement between the Student and a teacher and/or in accordance with the individual lesson plan developed for the concrete Student.