Perhaps, Russian for kids is the most basic but overwhelming online course at Private Russian Class. As a certified teacher, our headteacher has great experience in Zoom, Skype lessons not only with grown-up foreigners but as a children tutor too.

Any modern parents want their kids to be comprehensively developed, both physically and intellectually. Being fluent in English is already a must for a little citizen. But soon it won’t be enough for a successful person.

There are quite controversial debates about what language is worth studying for a brilliant carrier. According to many linguists, diplomats, politicians, knowledge of Russian will be a great advantage for your child. Therefore, we also propose the course for kids.

Main Russian children’s course features

1. Bright materials with colourful pictures.

2. Short 30 minute lessons.

3. Playful learning content.

4. Educational cartoons.

5. Movable lesson structure.

Russian language educational picture

Of course, teaching any language to young learners and teens needs special modes and approaches. The main emphasis should be on oral and audio practice through diverse games. The best way to learn Russian is starting with getting introduced to sounds rather than writing letters. After recognizing sounds, we can turn to learn Russian alphabet.

That is essentials for the beginning of the course for children. That’s why any proper private tutor must have an excellent Internet connection for productive online tutoring via Skype or Zoom.

As soon as we learn the Russian language basics, we study reading simple words, phrases, and texts. Practicing and understanding handwriting is not our ambition as it’s useless for communication, but that depends on you and your request. We have all necessary worksheets for this activity.

Communicative Russian language for kids

Now is the main stage of our Russian classes — how to speak. It is well known, that kids learn fast. They just need the right guidance and teacher, who could consider all nuances.

For example, is a kid bilingual or not, does anybody talk to him in the targeted language, if yes, then who: parents, babysitter or friends, is that really needed to have lessons for beginners with him/her or directly go to upgrade his/her vocabulary and grammar on Skype lessons, and so on.

What if you are newbies and below 5 years old? Then, you will get bright colourful PDF books and cards, that won’t make you bored. You will know which app to use for mastering your skills. The Russian language for kids must not be exhausting only entertaining. That’s why classes are 30 minutes; otherwise, there could be a risk of losing interest or even appearing of fear.

Please feel free to discuss your plans to book Russian individual lessons for your kid. Explore testimonials and prices, having in mind, that lesson for a kid lasts 30 minutes, so it will have half price.

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