As teachers, we test new-coming students on Skype or Zoom, cause language tutor should plan online lessons, being sure his / her clients learn to speak Russian productively

Having efficient and relevant Russian lessons without losing time and money from the very first class requires a competent test of a student’s level. According to his/her knowledge and skills, we could plan the most effective and useful program for the concrete client.

That is obvious, a newbie doesn’t need any testing, but if you have ever learned the language you may go through a beginning Russian test. To our mind, that’s important because if learning information once you probably do not need a deep explanation on that topic but only refreshment or brief clarification.

Russian language testing

Test for beginners normally includes questions on such topics as Greeting phrases, Family, Food, and grammar blocks — Genders of Noun, Possessive pronouns, Present tense.

As it was mentioned before, there are tones of various books, manuals, online resources for students. To meet the maximum of your expectations, we have to know the client’s current level to select the most appropriate material.

For example, a student passes Russian grammar test brilliantly, then the conclusion is that we are going to focus on diversifying his vocabulary and pronunciation training. And vice versa, if vocabulary test is not his or her weak point — we are working out grammar skills.

Parts of TORFL — Russian learning abilities test

  • Reading
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Some of the students learn Russian for tourism, other ones do that for private reasons, and some are fond of literature and art. But there are lots of situations when people have to prove their knowledge with a certificate of the TORFL (TRKI) level completion.

If you need such a document, you have to be ready for serious preparation, especially for ambitious students who want to pass the Russian proficiency test that leads and allows you to get a teaching Russian as a foreign language certificate.

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to find the right manual for qualitative practice despite the rather wide range of TORFL books. At first sight, they all look good, but the thing is in their context. A lot of them don’t meet common requirements that have been determined by universities.

Taking professional Russian test

Luckily for our students, the headteacher is not only a certified Russian as a foreign language teacher, but also a certified tester and assessor. As she has done special training and got “The Methodology of organizing and providing the certification exams of TRKI (TORFL) system (levels A1 – C2), the complex testing system for migrants and the conferment of Russian nationality test” diploma.

Please contact us to arrange your free demo lesson and professional Russian language test!

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