It is a beta version of the page with video lessons of Private Russian Class. Its purpose to learn Russian online not just with a teacher as a tutor and native speaker on Zoom and Skype.

The last weekend

The first meeting

Basic phrases for informal meeting

Russian alphabet with pronunciation

There are a lot of ways of how to start learning Russian or improve gained skills. Undoubtedly, studying with video lessons is not the least. If you are lucky, and you find proper courses with native speakers, you have a great chance to learn letters (alphabet), words, phrases fast.

This mode suits many types of busy people, like businessmen, househusbands/housewives, students, who have a hectic schedule and sometimes can’t plan the precise timetable of their classes in advance. Or for travelers, who need certain phrases instantly and don’t have necessary dictionaries with correct pronunciation at hand.

Merits of the Russian video lessons

  1. Pronunciation.
  2. Recognising of letters.
  3. Grammar.
  4. Words.
  5. Construction of phrases and simple sentences.
  6. Listening skills.

As English has become an international communication instrument, it’s easier to choose a good set of lesson for learning Russian for English speakers. Also, it’s possible and even more effective to combine traditional language lessons with videos, especially if you need more audio practice to enhance your pronunciation.

Russian learning Youtube channel

Talking about such approach, we must mention Youtube channel as one of the most used and popular source. You can find there Russian video lessons for beginners as well as for more advanced students. If you are a newbie, it’s a good way to start with basics.

Having found and subscribed a nice online channel, you will master grammar by given learning tips. Moreover, you will be able to teach yourself Russian, as you take your time, analyzing and refreshing material after the class without any rush.

Using that, people save their time and money, because until they have an Internet connection, they have unlimited access to Russian classes. In addition, it’s worth saying that even offline you can stay upgrade, having downloading learn Russian video beforehand.

So, if you are serious about studying and eager to improve your knowledge, you can easily get along by choosing an efficient video course or two, and, moreover, know how to speak Russian.

Of course, you can book live online lessons with personal tutor to progress fast with advantageous prices. Do not hesitate to read testimonials if you are not sure.

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