Interactive and multimedia technologies became popular and relatively widespread more than three years ago, but nowadays, it’s already impossible to imagine the educational process without them. 

Interactive and multimedia technologies in teaching Russian as a foreign language

A lot has changed, and it is keeping transforming even faster. Not only the young generation requires a teacher to be up-to-date, but also adults are interested in having contemporary, compelling, informative online Russian classes. Due to all those reasons, our headteacher decided to enhance her digital teaching skills.

As interactive and multimedia technologies are supposed to include not only using PowerPoint, audio, or video materials but also some live tasks and exercises when a student can face an interesting, unexpected challenge. That’s why during that program, Lyudmila learned how to create various online escape rooms, interactive posters, games with flashcards. 

As she is a great fan of involving games in the studying process, she loved a lot the teaching approach of Edutainment. That is a well-balanced combination of the words Education and Entertainment. It’s an ideal situation when a student has fun learning something new or making a revision.  Now our students can take advantage of opportunities to learn Russian in an easy and joyful way.

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