Here you are seasons and months. 

Be careful with forms of the seasons, answering “When?” – “Когда?”. We use them without any preposition and the word form looks like Instrumental case. 

Whereas, the months in ‘when’ form are used in Prepositional case with the preposition “В” – “In”.

Pay attention that the name of a month in Russian is written with small letters. We never capitalize them unless it’s a beginning of a sentence or the name of any brand or art piece.

Seasons and months in Russian

Some examples for you:

Зимой мы катаемся на лыжах.We ski in the winter.
В декабре мы провожаем старый год.In December, we bid farewell to the old year.
В феврале меньше всего дней.There are fewer days in February.
Когда-то давным-давно Новый Год встречали весной.Once upon a time, the New Year was celebrated in the spring.
Снег начинает таять в марте.Snow begins to melt in March.
Апрель – мой любимый месяц.April is my favourite month.
Летом все пьют квас.In the summer all people drink kvass.
В июне самые длинные дни.The longest days are in June.
Июль – пора отпусков.July is the time for vacations.
Осень называют золотым сезоном.Autumn is called the golden season.
В сентябре начинается учебный год.Educational year starts in September.
Ноябрь – последний осенний месяц.November is the last autumn month.

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