The headteacher has got “The Methodology of organizing and providing the certification exams of TRKI (TORFL) system (levels A1 – C2), the complex testing system for migrants and the conferment of Russian nationality test” diploma. Therefore, Private Russian Classes could become your preparation for any Russian exam system. We have a big experience in that, providing students the TORFL books, examples, practice tests.

TRKI (TORFL) certificate

What is TORFL?

The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) or TRKI has been conceived as a single standard way to estimate the level of language competence by people for whom Russian is not native. It complies with European language proficiency practices.

The test covers all aspects of language usage in everyday life, study, tourism, at work, etc. In particular, it checks the abilities of the test-taker in such spheres as:

  • Writing.
  • Vocabulary and grammar.
  • Reading.
  • Listening.
  • Speaking.

First, three sections are usually conducted on the 1st day, listening and speaking are held the following day. TORFL demonstrates how well foreign citizens understand information and Russian speech, reply interlocutor, and initiate communication on the necessary topics. The test also approves their skills to dip into texts, understand their main points, and construct grammatically correct sentences.

According to the outcome of a full-scale estimation of the subject, he or she is assigned a certain level of knowledge of the Russian language. Level gradation is the same as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR). It embodies 6 levels:

  • TEL (Elementary).
  • TBL (Basic).
  • TORFL-1 (Intermediate).
  • TORFL-2 (Upper Intermediate).
  • TORFL-3 (Advanced).
  • TORFL-4 (Proficiency).

TRKI test centres

The Government of Russia, in particular, its educational and scientific unit, allows 13 institutions to organize TORFL testing. Herzen University, Moscow State University, RUDN University, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, etc. are approved among them.

In some of them, the headteacher of the Private Russian Class upgraded her qualifications (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute) or passed certification (Herzen University).

Obtaining the TORFL certificate

After an applicant has passed the test successfully, within 10 days he or she receives an official state certificate. It is proof that a person speaks Russian at the level according to which he or she passed the test.

This document can serve as a basis for obtaining Russian citizenship (levels A2 and above), studying at local universities, working in a Russian-speaking ambiance, etc.

Please contact us to arrange online Zoom lessons for TRKI (TORFL) preparation.

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