This certificate confirms that the headteacher has taken part in the educational program “Practices of teaching Russian as a foreign language” of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. She got 156 qualification points out of 189 possible. It has really enriched her professional baggage for teaching at Private Russian Class, where students are able to learn Russian online.

Practicеs of teaching Russian as a foreign language

The content of the refresher course concerns the main issues of organizing and conducting the educational process for foreigners. The professors of the institute focused on the goal of language courses, studying objectives and the specific technologies that are used. Interactive online lectures also covered the methodological basis, language and speech material for classes with a future certified tutor.

Classes on the methodology of leading linguists and philologists in the field of the Russian language helped to discover new aspects of the language description for teaching the foreign students not only as a certified teacher and native speaker, but also as a real high-class master of Russian tutoring. Lyudmila has upgraded her skills in the test technologies for specific training situation.

She can affirm that the course was really not just an academic set of theory. The classes were focused on practical teaching in the context of real lessons with students, including individual Skype and Zoom lessons as well.

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