The certificate demonstrates that the headteacher has completed a course at the State Institute of the Russian Language named after A.S. Pushkin, focused on the lexical aspect of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Practical methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language (lexical aspect)

The course develops further the teacher’s ability for effective formation of the student’s lexical skill – the ability without which fluent and competent communication in the language being studied is impossible. That helps in teaching the students of Private Russian Class.

A lexical skill is the ability of a person to select a word, collocation, or phrase automatically, in accordance with the expressed thought and to combine them correctly with other parts of the replica or sentence. When perceiving the interlocutor’s speech, the lexical skill allows you to understand automatically what a person is saying, without additional thinking about the phrases you hear.

In the process of training lexical skill, a certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language helps to develop such qualities as:

• translation of a word from a student’s long-term memory into operational memory following the thought that he wants to voice;
• a deliberate combination of a word or phrase with previous phrases and those that will be pronounced after;
• automatic assessment of the relevance of collocations and vocabulary in general by the style of conversation, the personality of the interlocutor, the place of communication, etc.

The testimonials of students show that the course was not in vain. You may contact us and check it for free during the demo lesson that doesn’t oblige to pay standard lesson prices.

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